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My experience with Winalyse for career coaching has been amazing. Their personalized approach helped me gain clarity on my career goals and develop a concrete action plan to achieve them. The sessions were insightful, empowering, and tailored to my specific needs. The support and guidance provided by my coach - Christine were invaluable, giving me the confidence to navigate through career challenges. Furthermore, the mock interview experience really helped me to get better at interviews and feel more confident. The constructive feedback and tips I received will help me to approach real interviews with ease and professionalism. Overall, my experience with Winalyse has been transformative, equipping me with the knowledge needed to excel in my career journey. I highly recommend Winalyse for anyone who wants to reach their full potential and move up in their career.

Tanpreet Kaur, Mai 2024

I just finished my last meeting with Yves Franceschi.
He was an excellent coach and really helped me in the entire process of finding a job, from working on improving my CV to having an interview for a position. I am very satisfied with the entire process and feel like I have learned and improved a lot on my search for my next position in the work market.
Thank you very much and kind regards!

CesarSimo, Mai 2024

Working with Yves for six coaching sessions was truly transformative and exceeded my expectations. His guidance on crafting a tailored letter of motivation was great and I am sure it will increase my job application success. The executive interview preparation, especially the "30 questions in 30 minutes" exercise, sharpened my communication skills and boosted my confidence. Yves' dedication and genuine passion for coaching make him an invaluable asset for anyone navigating career transitions. Thank you, Yves, for your impactful support in my professional journey.

Jean-Michel Nicolas, Apr. 2024

Recently, I had the privilege of participating in coaching sessions with Winalyse, specifically with Yves, to enhance my job search endeavors. Yves possesses a unique ability to establish comfort right from the start with his genuine demeanor, authentic interest in people, and remarkable sense of humor. Our discussions encompassed my past experiences, future aspirations, and concerns amidst a shifting job market landscape. His lucid, constructive feedback prompted self-reflection, aiding in a deeper understanding of my personal attributes and the refinement of my career objectives. Each session left me feeling increasingly assured about my job search journey.

Moreover, I engaged in a mock interview session with Christine and Yves. Despite its simulated nature, Christine seamlessly simulated a real interview environment. Through their interview questions and collaborative feedback, provided by both Christine and Yves, I was able to refine my interview skills and cultivate greater confidence for real-world scenarios.

I extend my sincere gratitude to Yves and Christine for their invaluable insights, and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone seeking such guidance to experience what Winalyse has to offer!

Nikos, März 2024

Learnt so much on this programme. From personal branding to interview coaching, the guidance and support was so informative and helpful. It was also helpful to hear that I was on the right track with efforts that I had already initiated before the programme or I received advice and suggestions to further refine my efforts. I would call out interview coaching in particular as both Christine and Yves had specific feedback, it was insightful and really resonated, and they had advice for next steps. I highly recommend this whether you're in a role or looking for your next role.

Louisa, März 2024

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Yves Franceschi. His profound guidance and innate ability to raise one's confidence level to new heights was a revelation. In that, I considered myself to be generally confident. How with the assistance of Christine too, created the awareness necessary to present oneself in any job transition.

The key to their methods I believe is their coaching ability is their pragmatism to bring to fruition to the end products to represent oneself in the real-world rather than theoretical. Thought I do talk a lot, It was challenging, but focused upon my branding, Yves has the patient of a saint, to listen through it all and provide constructive feedback firing back, "Is that you are representing?", "is this the true you?", "Is this what you what to be seen as?". All great probing questions.

So, I whole-heartedly recommend Winalyse, especially Yves, to provide the guidance and counciling, to become a better more confidence you in today's professional market.

Steven Yue, März 2024

May be you are thinking of getting help, or perhaps you have been sent here to be coached. How wonderful! Take the plunge, I say.

I had Yves as my coach, and also interacted with Christine and Dani. I wholeheartedly recommend their service. As good coaches do, they listened, supported, gave practice feedback, boosted my confidence and challenged me constructively.

Well worth my time. 100% recommended.

Viv H., Feb. 2024

Before our coaching sessions, I had though I knew it all, seeking for the best-fit job, strong self-representation in C.V. and in the Motivation Letter and during interviews. My sugar-coated self-image in these aspects started to fade when Yves asked me his first question, ‘Do you think your C.V. shows the human you?’. … This question drew me for a month to thoroughly analyse my 2 decades of schooling and employment. Vision, expectations, initiatives, values, leadership, stakeholders, customers, actions and success stories, many more … , and connecting these dots. … With this guided analysis, supported by Yves, I discovered which values motivated me and orient me for the future. With lots of fun exchanges with Yves, in not only professional but human and humorous format, we talked so much about coaching, psychology, organizations. Finally, I constructed a C.V. that shows not only the “what”, but also the “who”, “with whom”, “for whom” and many other human features. … I had also the opportunity (and pleasure!) to experience a mock interview with Christine, who, with experienced eyes (and ears), together with Yves, gave me feedback that helped me right from the next day to excel with the HR Screening and Hiring Manager and Panel Interviews. … After this fantastic coaching program, I am able to show more of the human and the leader, in a far better structured way, with improved communication, certainly with boosted courage to put myself on the front-line during applications and interviews. … This is a very positive, insightful, adaptable and objective program and coaching from Yves and Christine. The program is reach in values and communication styles, with up-to-date coaching-, communication and hiring technologies. … .I happily recommend the program for anyone, either who is still having a job and also for someone who is on the job search and also for people in hiring manager positions. … The Winalise Team and coaches (Yves, Christine) drive an absolutely a personal growth and success-oriented program … Hope to meet you again!!! Jozsef Sz. (January, 2024)

Jozsef Szekely, Jan. 2024

I recently had the privilege of working with Yves at Winalyse, and my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Yves possesses a unique ability to create a safe and supportive environment, making the entire career transition process a truly transformative journey.

Yves guided our sessions with insightful conversation prompts and encouraged deep self-reflection, which played a major role in helping me uncover and understand my core work values. His empathetic, patient and open approach allowed me to explore my strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations, leading to a profound realization of my career goals.

What sets Yves and Winalyse apart is their commitment to tailor the coaching process to individual needs. Yves not only assisted me in identifying potential career paths but also provided valuable insights and strategies for a successful career change. I also had the pleasure of meeting and working with Christine, who supported me to better understand my strengths and opportunities when it comes to interviewing for a job. Her insight into the hiring process helped me become a better interviewee and gave me tremendous confidence throughout the hiring journey.

Throughout our collaboration, Yves consistently demonstrated a genuine interest in my success, offering support and guidance at every step. The Winalyse experience has not only equipped me with a clearer understanding of my professional aspirations but has also given me the confidence and tools to start turning my work-related dreams into plans and solid strategies.

If you are seeking a job coaching service that goes beyond the ordinary and comes with a sense of humor, Winalyse and Yves are the perfect choice. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking for a supportive, personalized, and impactful career coaching experience.


Anna Pribeli, Jan. 2024

Das Coaching erlebte ich sowohl fachlich, wie auch persönlich als sehr wertvoll. Die unkomplizierte und persönliche Begegnungen mit Yves Franceschi sowie sein Humor waren einfach super und wohltuend. Fachlich erhielt ich eine Bestätigung für meine Vision und konnte dabei aber auch gewisse Vorgehensweise optimieren und korrigieren.

Christian Härle, Nov. 2023

A truly remarkable coaching business that Basel is fortunate to have. I highly recommend.

Not only is it coaching of the whole self but a positive, energising space to enter for all clients. The moment you enter, you experience and feel the friendliness and genuine care from all of the staff.

While Christine was my coach, I was fortunate enough to also meet Daniel and Yves in the corridor a few times and the vibe from all is a happy family and a place of welcoming and belonging

Christine was fabulous - every moment was conducted with respect and tailored to the individual. She has an engaging and empathetic style with great listening skills to keep you focused on the objective. Not only this, she offers fantastic advice and tips and partners you to build (or recover) your best self. She instills trust and is 100% there for you whilst leveraging your own values as a foundation.


Belinda, Juli 2023

I had a great experience working with Winalyse and highly recommend Yves Franceschi!

He has provided excellent career guidance, advice for cover-letters & CVs that highlight your character as well as your professional skills, and motivation with genuine warmth.

I thoroughly endorse the programme to others going through a career transition.


RTG, Juli 2023

I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in six coaching sessions with Yves Franceschi of Winalyse. Yves is an incredible coach, possessing a remarkable ability to understand people and demonstrates genuine care for their growth. His professionalism is unmatched, consistently demonstrating authenticity, effectiveness, flexibility, respectfulness, and competence.
Through Yves' coaching, I became empowered to recognize and embrace my professional identity. As a result, I regained my confidence to go ahead in my job search and have a clearer vision for my future career path.
Throughout the coaching process, Yves provided invaluable advice on various aspects of job searching, such as personal branding, enhancing my CV, writing compelling cover letters and interview preparation. As a result of his guidance, personal branding concept is now finally clear to me. It is worth noting that Yves' coaching went beyond simply improving technical job search skills; it was a holistic experience that touched upon personal growth and development.
One particularly beneficial aspect of the coaching was the mock-interview training, conducted by Yves Franceschi and Daniel Maurer. The mock-interview was recorded and thoroughly analyzed afterwards, allowing identification of areas in need for improvement within my interview technique and responses. Their in-depth feedback and thought-provoking questions prompted me to reflect on and correct my mistakes.
I cannot express enough gratitude to Yves for coaching and supporting me. I absolutely recommend WinAlyse to anyone seeking a career change, desiring to optimize their CV, master the art of writing effective cover letters, learn the details of personal branding, and improve their interview techniques.
Gabriela Blagoi, July 2023

Gabriela Blagoi, Juli 2023

My sessions with the coach Yves Franceschi were very valuable to me, not only to improve my CV and my personal brand, but also to find which was the right career path. Together, we were able to focus on my strengths and goals, define a career plan, and I even had the chance to practice for a real interview. I can't thank Yves enough for all his help, and I highly recommend him and Winalyse if you want to find your next professional challenge.
Best regards,

Raquel, Juli 2023

I have done several sessions with coach Yves Franceschi and the truth is that I am very happy with his work since he has helped me a lot in each of the necessary steps to get a job in Switzerland. Not only his help has been excellent in terms of CV preparation, cover letter, interviews, etc. but also at a mental level and to focus on the objectives and trust in your own abilities.
I highly recommend Wynalise's services if you want to advance in your professional career.

Andres Lopez, Juni 2023

Christine, my coach, and I have had a good match and agreement regarding the current employment atmosphere and job searching situation. We managed to go thoroughly over all aspects of the job searching methodology including interview training, reviewing my CV, reflecting personal values and opportunities. We reached an agreement on how to continue further and made an action plan. Christine is a nice, patient, and respectful person. The feedback I got from her reflected my view and the strategy. I appreciate her work with me, and I am thankful for her time working with me.
Best regards,

Nenad, Apr. 2023

I can not highlight enough the transformation my CV and Cover Letter has undergone during the whole process. I have also learned techniques and strategies for interviews, such as: `Never be negative, rather always positive and at the very least neutral.` I have also learned to see my past experiences in a new light, and to better express that in my CV.

Yves` has tremendous experience in the hiring process, knows the ins and out of Human Resources, and has an uncanny ability to understand people.
I highly recommend Yves and Winalyse, you will greatly better your chances on finding the next, great, chapter in your professional career.
Thank you!

Highly Recommended, a Great Resources, März 2023

Das Winalyse Coaching mit Yves war für mich eine unglaublich wertvolle Erfahrung, die mir eine Vielzahl an Werkzeugen an die Hand gegeben hat. Yves ist für mich ein Coach, der ein sehr ausgeprägtes Einfühlvermögen besitzt und mit mir auf Augenhöhe gearbeitet hat. Nach jeder Sitzung fühlte ich mich innerlich leichter und optimistischer, und ich hatte eine offene Perspektive auf meine persönliche und berufliche Situation.

Besonders geschätzt habe ich, dass ich mich bei diversen Angelegenheiten verstanden und gesehen fühlte. Er hat es geschafft, mir während unseren Gesprächen für mich geeignete Werkzeuge zu vermitteln, auf die ich nicht nur aktuell, sondern auch in der Zukunft zurückgreifen werde.

Was ich besonders bemerkenswert fand, war, dass er mit seiner aufgeschlossenen Art auch anhand persönlicher Erfahrungen mir neue Sichtweisen und Methoden auf komplexere Angelegenheiten veranschaulichte. Durch seine wohlwollend ehrliche und motivierende Persönlichkeit hat er es geschafft, mein Selbstbewusstsein wieder anzufachen.

Das Winalyse Coaching mit Yves kann ich jedem empfehlen, der nach einem professionellen und effektiven Coach sucht, welcher eine konstruktive und nachhaltige Wirkung hinterlässt. Jedes Mal begegnete ich einem motivierten Menschen bei seiner Arbeit, der weiss, wie man auf seine Klienten eingeht. Schon vorzeitig war ich traurig darüber, dass es auch bald zu Ende gehen wird.
Ich bin unendlich dankbar dafür, dass ich diese Erfahrung machen durfte.

Viele härzliche Dank!! :)

Esra, März 2023

Working with Yves was a great experience. His patience and ability to listen allowed him to uncover the main problems I faced during my career transition. He has a subtle art of pushing me to recognize and embrace my expansive professional identity, empowering me to face professional challenges with greater self-esteem and confidence. Yves helped me remember and appreciate the natural and professional skills that I had forgotten and underestimated, and he provided valuable insights and strategies to help me leverage them.

Thank you for your work, Yves!

Juan Carlos, März 2023

This coaching is simply amazing. When I first walked into Yves' office, I was a tired and depressed middle-aged woman who had lost her job because of a stupid 'company restructuring'. Over the six sessions, I gained my confidence, new skills and knowledge. When I finished all coaching, I found myself happy, confident and most importantly, well equipped for the new endeavor in career life.

Thank you so much Yves!


Christine, Feb. 2023

Amazing program with an amazing coach!

The professionalism and knowledge of the coach was superb, as well as the materials provided. The thing I liked most, though, was the ability to shift the focus to the topics I needed help with on the fly. The flexibility of the program made this experience really stand out!

Thank you Yves!

Albert Bojcic, Dez. 2022

Super coaching! If you are looking for someone to help with your personal brand and ensure that your CV reflects your value and background, but also understand who you would like to be and how to go there, I'd highly recommend Winalyse.
Thank you Yves and team for your precious help!

Cristian B., Dez. 2022

If you want to rebuild your toolkit, sharpen your instruments and declutter the kit, these coaches will be a lethal secret weapon.
reflective, informative, guiding -

Sophie L., Nov. 2022

The coaching provided by Yves was great. He took interest in my current situation and gave me many tips to improve my efforts in finding a new position, including improving my CV, motivational letters, LinkedIn profile, interview questions etc.
I can say that I definitely learned a lot. Yves was also very friendly, supporting, respectful and created an atmosphere of trust. I can only recommend this coaching program.

S.S., Okt. 2022

Great individual coaching! Christine not only had an overall wonderful attitude and an open ear for my personal story, but could also gave me very valuable advice about how to effectively communicate at job interviews. I appreciated that her inputs were specific, applicable and suited my personality.

Dilara, Okt. 2022

Ich durfte bei Frau Christine Brown ein Coaching in Anspruch nehmen. Kompetent, klar, zielorientiert und mit einem guten Schuss Humor wurde ich durch vielfältige Methoden sehr hilfreich bei anstehenden Schritten und Entscheidungen unterstützt. Sie schafft mit ihrer Herzlichkeit, ihrer Präsenz und ihrem Einfühlungsvermögen einen konzentrierten und inspirierenden Rahmen für ein aufbauendes und forderndes Reflektieren. Ich fühlte mich von Beginn weg gut wahrgenommen. Für meinen weiteren Weg nehme ich viel mit. Ganz herzlichen Dank!

T.A., Sept. 2022, Sept. 2022

Das Coaching bei Yves Franceschi hat mir viel gebracht, u.a.: Wertvolle Impulse und gute Ideen, um mein eigenes Branding zu überdenken bzw. zu professionalisieren sowie brauchbare Tipps für den Bewerbungsprozess und für das Auftreten im Interview. Und das immer mit fachlicher Expertise und gleichzeitig mit Humor und Einfühlungsvermögen. Danke!

P.D., Aug. 2022

Coaching for Exparts program not only helped me recognize my value propositions but also turn them into professional branding in the form of application package and interview preparedness. Their tailored approach allowed an optimal use of resources suited for my needs, and as a result, upcon completion of the program, I was left with a clearer career vision and confidence in finding a job to realilze it.

Aiko Mathieu, Aug. 2022

I had six coaching sessions with Yves for six weeks, and my experience was only positive.

The six coaching sessions provided me with insights and helpful tips about each and every step of the application process: how to improve my CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, how I perform in job interviews, how to introduce myself to potential employers, and how I come across with my verbal and body language. Yves also gave me clear, actionable steps to build on my strengths and work on my areas for development.

When I started my first session, the first thing that stood out to me was the expertise and positive energy – working with a coach and team that shows such professionalism makes things easier, worthwhile, and fun too! He does an exceptional job guiding clients, tailoring the coaching sessions to their specific needs, and making the most out of each meeting, to ultimately ensure that they help you set yourself up for success.

However, if there is something that makes him (and the team) unique is the way he builds trust and meaningful relationships with people – by showing kindness and respect at all times. Because, instead of simply showing up and having meetings that are mere transactions, Yves actually cares for people, which undoubtedly helps clients bring their best, true selves to each session. In addition, everyone goes through their own journey when seeking a job, and his friendliness and empathy make a real difference.

I honestly can't come up with anything that could have been done better. I would love to work with Yves and the team again in the future because I genuinely enjoyed this experience and found it extremely helpful. I can't recommend them enough!

Ana Blanco, Aug. 2022

I had an amazing coaching program with Yves. We had very insightful and inspiring conversations, and got to think about my career and professional life in a whole new way. I learned valuable things that will stay with me forever. I feel more confident and more prepared to highlight my skills in my CV, interviews and working environment. Thanks so much for this experience! I recommend this coaching, definitely life changing!

Maria, Juli 2022

Great coaching! Comparing to many other personal branding training or online materials, Winalyse's approach is coming from a higher level. It's not just a personal brand, it's about how you live your life and deal yourself with the people around.

M.Z., Apr. 2022

Ich habe bei meiner beruflichen Neuorientierung sehr von dem Coaching bei Winalyse profitiert. Die Anregungen von Yves Franceschi zu einer professionellen Gestaltung der Bewerbungsunterlagen und zur Vorbereitung auf Vorstellungsgespräche waren wertvolle Impulse. Ich wurde mir über meine Ressourcen und Kompetenzen bewusst und erlebte eine Stärkung meines Selbstvertrauens. Das Coaching war immer lebendig, humorvoll und inspirierend. Eine neue attraktive Stelle war für mich der perfekte Abschluss. Vielen Dank

Nikolas Weber, März 2022

I had 6 power sessions with Yves... I cannot believe how it came that in 40 years, it was the first time I tackled crucial topics for my career and life.. I can say that I during these 6 weeks, I changed in so many aspects: What is really important in my life? How should I reshape my direction? how important is my personal branding? which are my non negotiables?. I find Yves a superb coach. I felt very comfortable, safe, understood, supported by him. The right questions at the right time.
The icing on the cake was a moke interview/presentation together with Yves and Rima Badeen. They both made questions that brought me to reflexions and also a magnificant feedback, which brought me really interesting improving points. I am 100% gratefull to have been with Winalyse

Ignacio Ravena, Dez. 2021

In the last few weeks I had the opportunity to undergo a coaching session at Winalyse. It has been a very insightful process thanks to an utmost professional and honest lead of Rima Badeen. Am deeply grateful for the empowering discussions on personal branding, stakeholder management, interview/question techniques as well as leadership values. I can highly recommend Rima as a coach and invaluable sparring partner. Thank you very much!

Miguel Serrano, Nov. 2021

I would like to add my voice to recommend anyone who is looking for improving his/her personal branding and increasing the chance for an employment, for a coaching in Winalyse. My coach Rima was excellent and supportive during the 6 session we had together. The coaching has covered my professional background, my values and my personal traits and their importance in my personal branding. I was able to pinpoint the weak spots in my CV, covering letter, and interviews.
Thanks a lot Rima for the great coaching journey!

Mohammed Abdu, Nov. 2021

J’ai eu la chance de suivre un coaching avec Yves. Je tenais une fois encore à le remercier pour ces séances qui m’ont fait le plus grand bien, j’ai compris beaucoup de choses sur moi et je sais où je ne veux plus aller... Encore merci pour ce coaching si enrichissant! Tu as su m’aider à déclencher en moi de nouvelles énergies positives et constructives face à ce changement professionel. Bonne continuation à vous tous!

M. G., Juillet 2021, Nov. 2021

I would highly recommend Winalyse to everyone! My coach Rima was very helpful finding my strengths and the ways to communicate them to the others. She was really supportive and friendly, but at the same time able point the "weak" spots and how to improve them. I truly believe everyone would benefit from such journey and I can't recommend it enough.
Shout-out to Daniel @ Winalyse too! While we only had one session together - I had great time and learned a lot!

John, Okt. 2021

Was cool

Bob, Okt. 2021

I had a very good experience at Winalise. My coach Yves was excellent. He personalised the coaching to suit me and we had a very positive interaction. I honed my interview skills and optimized my CV. The experience has given me more confidence going forward in my job search. I highly recommend this course for others looking for a job or to brush up on your interview skills and to optimize your CV. It was a journey of personal discovery. I wish the course lasted longer.
Jane Armstrong, 07 Sep 2021

Jane Armstrong, Sept. 2021

I would highly recommend Rima as a mentor/coach to anyone looking to improve their chances of getting employment. The tips and information shared were useful and tailored to my own particular situation and future ambitions. The live interview and subsequent analysis was particularly helpful and will go a long way to improving my own interview techniques. The only down side was due to the current health restrictions we couldn't meet in person. However the online zoom sessions were well organized, and the upside to that was, it was all done from the comfort of your own home.


I had the opportunity to met Yves and Rima and the coaching sessions were simply amazing! We worked to improve skills and as well a deep work on the way candidates presents them self to the companies, in order to leverage strengths. Yves reviewed all my document package and we could improve it, sharing the right information and in an excellent quality way. I found a very helpful team, taking care of me at any time, for any issue, and always reaching with smile and positive approach! If I need to look for something negative, I would only said that due to the Covid restrictions, when I did my sessions, we could not met in person, and it would have been a pleasure! Thanks a lot for you time, your support, your professional work, for the tips and tricks, and for the nice smiley time we spend together!! I hope to meet you again in the future, and this time in person!! :)

Giuseppe, Aug. 2021

I appreciate the coaching sessions that Rima and I finalized. These were very supportive for me to realize my abilities, to feel more secure and confident for my next steps out in market after many years and to ensure my future working paths. She was encouraging me so well to show my professional skills and my long experience as no one else before. Thanks a lot for your real professional work and your smile. :)


The Winalyse team is very well prepared, highly skilled and they provide fantastic training to those who wish to develop themselves in various areas that are crucial for successful career development. Personally I could greatly benefit from the Personal Branding course. During the training I learned useful techniques and concepts that I can apply in the course of my job search, CV writing, preparation for interviews and networking. I especially appreciate the opportunity of a mock interview, which really helped me to improve my interview skills. Christine Brown and Daniel Maurer are great coaches with a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm, I can absolutely recommend them!

Csaba Boglari, Aug. 2021

Rima Badeen is a great coach which I highly recommend!
Rima and Daniel were very professional. They know how to lead me to the results in a professional manner. The Winalyse coaching services are excellent and highly recommended. I have just completed 6 sessions about CV, covering letter, personal branding, and interviews. I feel empathy, from both. The greatest value came from the interview coaching and mock interview. A 10 out of 10!

Dan Cismas 04.08.2021, Aug. 2021

I would highly recommend Winalyse coaching to anyone looking to further develop themselves regarding personal branding, CV presentation and interview training. I was at a crossroads in my career path and Yves helped me immensely, both in clarifying the direction I wanted to go as a professional and how to best present myself and search for the right career. I am grateful for his guidance and look forward to this next chapter in my career path!

Colleen, Juli 2021

Rima and Christine are very professional. They know how to lead me to the results at professional manner. The Winalyse coaching services are excellent, and highly recommended.

Mei Sun-Simonen, Juli 2021

The Winalyse coaching services are excellent, and highly recommended. I have just completed 6 sessions covering CV, covering letter, personal branding and interviews. It was a wonderful journey of self-discovery that was adapted to my personal needs - I can now reflect on how I was probably 80% of where I should have been, and I feel that the professionalism and empathy, from both Rima and Christine, has pushed me to over 90% of where I should be. The greatest value came from the interview coaching and mock interview, where I can take their feedback and improve, and giving me the confidence to actually look forward to my next real interview. A definite 10 out of 10 from me!

Bruno Konieczny, Juni 2021

I had the great pleasure of working with Rima Badeen at winalyse. Right from the start, Rima was encouraging and supportive of my goals as we went through my career plans and approach to the job market. She shared with me her expert insights on CV content, self-branding vis-a-vis different platforms, including LinkedIn and tips on how to prepare for interviews, which in turn helped me to improve my CV concisely and prepare me for interviews. She was highly professional and content focused during our sessions. This is highly recommended for anyone who is thinking about obtaining coaching sessions.

Gerum, Juni 2021

Yves and I spent the best part of two months working on what my next career/ job/ life steps would be. He was supportive, challenging and allowed me to voice my thoughts, wishes and concerns without anxiety or embarrassment. He certainly contributed to my keeping a stable rudder in the stormy seas of Covid.
I have been fortunate to find a new, interesting position and am looking forward to what the future brings. Thankyou, Yves, Thankyou Winalyse.

Tony Molloy, Juni 2021

Due to the highly professional and customized trainings in self-branding, presentation techniques and networking skills I could successfully elevate my career as a pharma product manager. Thank you Christine Brown!

Florian, Juni 2021

Aus den sechs Coachings mit Christine Brown habe ich viele, sehr konkrete Hinweise und Tips mitgenommen, die mich den Bewerbungsprozess wesentlich besser vorbereitet angehen lassen. Praktische Übungen, aufbauend auf den zuvor erarbeiteten Grundlagen helfen mir, mich und und mein CV prägnant und adressatengerecht zu präsentieren. Die sechs Sessions waren kompakt und doch umfassend - sehr empfehlenswert.

Christian Witzig, Juni 2021

The coaching through Rima Badeen enabled me to find and walk the path that was filled up with non helpful patterns and challenges during job research ... and she supported me highly professional to get the best out of me to conquer my new job. Thank you!

A. Schurek, Apr. 2021

My coaching with Rima was excellent. Her knowledge and insight are very useful, she has been very helpful with general knowledge, my CV and interview skills. It is obvious how much Rima enjoys her job which in turn makes her amazing to work with and learn from. I have already recommended the coaching to my friends and would not hesitate to use it again if needed in the future.

Stuart, Apr. 2021

My experience with Winalyse was amazing and change the way I perceive interviews. During the course, I learnt how to prepare my Cv and address the job description requirements in a concise and precise way. I feel more confident about attending interviews and the way I sell my CV. Personal branding term is clear to me now like never before. . I would recommend the course to everyone. Both Rima and Christine were helpful, polite, friendly, professional and supportive.

Abdo Sukari, März 2021

My experience with Winalyse has been great. Over the course of six sessions, with Mrs. Christine Brown, we went through my professional background, my values and personal traits, analysed my skills and the benefits I can bring in to a company, we fine-tuned my personal branding. It was a valuable experience, to get a better understanding of the job market and employers' expectations. Great team, very professional and friendly! Highly recommended!

S. McCarthy, März 2021

My experience with Winalyse has been a pleasant 6 session journey, where I grew and developed in a professional and personal way.

I do appreciate all help from Rima Badeen, showing me how I should highlight my cabilities and qualities in my CV to stand out from the crowd. Re-writing my CV and adapting my cover letters for the Swiss market has been a new challenge for me and thanks to Rima, I have a better view of how to proceed to find a job in Switzerland.

I would recommend to go for this coaching as it is always better to get guidance and another point of view from a professional, and I highly recommend Rima, she is great and transmits her enthusiasm in every session.

M.Prieto, Feb. 2021

Wynalyse hat mir geholfen die neusten Rekrutierungsmethoden in meine Bewerbungsstrategie zu übernehmen. Schwachpunkte wurden direkt angesprochen und Lösungsansätze erarbeitet. Die ausgehändigten Unterlagen sind AAA Qualität. Wynalyse bietet Unterstützung in höchster Qualität. Ich kann das Coaching wärmstens empfehlen.

Heinz, Feb. 2021

Für mich war das Coaching mit Yves Franceschi ein pures Erlebnis und Dank dem Coaching habe ich mir in den vergangenen Wochen sehr viel Wissen aneignen können.
Selbstanalyse, von den technical skills über die methodological skills zu den interpersonal skills. Die Reise zu sich selbst: Wer bin ich? Was habe ich im Rücksack? Wohin will ich, in welche Richtung? Das Personal Branding - grosses Umdenken im Kopf. Ich habe realisiert, dass ich bessere Karten habe und viel besser am Arbeitsmarkt da stehe als ich vorher dachte. Ich kann dankend sagen, dass für mich das Coaching mit Herrn Franceschi ein grosser Gewinn ist. Meine neuen Bewerbungen sind nicht mehr die alten. Heute zum Beispiel habe ich mich beworben, nach 10 Minuten wurde ich vom Stellenanbieter angerufen. Das ist für mich ein Beweis dafür, dass die Veränderung meiner Bewerbungsunterlagen grosse Wirkung gezeigt haben. Das Coaching kann ich wärmstes empfehlen!

Irina, Februar 2021, Feb. 2021

My experience with Winalyse job coaching was fantastic. I worked with Yves, and he helped me to update my resume and cover letter to the next level. The tips we covered were not found on job seeking blogs. Also, the interview run-through strengthened my weak spots. I would highly recommend doing this coaching!

Caity, Jan. 2021

Through job coaching sessions with Yves, I have gotten a different insight on the job application process and its parts. Deviating from a classical old fashioned standard is more than okay, particularly when it resonates with your personality and you are certain of what you are offering as an applicant.
Dynamic and fun but, nonetheless, very informative and inspiring sessions have helped me to boost my motivation, improve my CV and motivation letters, plus also see hidden work chances and opportunities I have earlier simply did not recognize. Thank you Yves and Rima!!!

Alina, Jan. 2021

I had a great coaching experience with Mrs. Christine Brown. Over the course of six sessions we went through my professional background, my values and personal traits, we analysed my skills and the benefits I can bring in to a company, and we fine-tuned my personal branding. I especially appreciated the mock-interview, the way it was conducted and the actionable feedback shared. It was a valuable experience also to get a better understanding of the Swiss job market and employers' expectations. Highly recommended!

federica, Dez. 2020

Following the loss of my job, I had the chance to benefit from a coaching program with Rima that I recommend! She was able to establish the basics, a sense of priorities, and a deep work of self-evaluation, which is key point during this particular period linked to Covid. Wishing everyone s great experience!

Leila, Nov. 2020

Rima Badeen is a great coach which I highly recommend!
I have really appreciated her personalized and customized approach which has created significant value along the journey.
I really liked her proactiveness, her coaching and her guidance. Rima is a great listener, very supportive who would accommodate with your changing needs.
Thank you Rima and to the Winalye team!

Mike, Nov. 2020

I found the mock interview training (which was recorded and reviewed later) with Yves and Christine particularly useful in highlighting areas for improvement in my responses to interview questions - especially the dreaded behavioral questions. The preparation and feedback on this really gave me more confidence in my interview performance, which I had felt was a weakness in my previous job applications. Yves continues to be a good coach and I know that I can reach out to him again regarding advice on my career steps in the future.

Rohitha, Okt. 2020

It was great to spend the last 5 weeks with Ms.Badeen regarding the coaching program which enabled me to feel fully energetic and positive after every meeting.
She is a very proactive coach whom always guided me, supported my performance and understood my expectations. She is my motivator whom often encouraged me and guided me to identify my skills & strengths.
The followed process was useful to provide a clear direction which allowed me to focus on my strengths and identity/ who I am. Our conversations were always very pleasant which made me very comfortable therefore, allowing me to share my thoughts freely which helped me to discover answers for myself.
Meanwhile I also liked the Interview process and the professional feedback which rebuilt my confidence.

Angela, Aug. 2020

Mrs. Badeen was a careful listener and provided me with a tremendous support, guidance and motivation. Throughout our sessions I could assess my own talents and skills and formulate a clear strategy for my professional relocation. I am confident to say that I have greatly improved my understanding on how to effectively formulate my CV/cover letter for job applications, how to be prepared for interviews and negotiations. I am tremendously satisfied with winalyse coaching program and specially with Mrs. Badeen approach.

Daniela Prado Zumthor, Project Manager and Workshop Facilitator, Juli 2020

A great team, very professionnal and friendly. With a coaching with them you will learn a lot about yourself and the job market. Every step is very specific to your need. Thank you so much for this efficient experience !

Elodie, Feb. 2020

Das Program, die Kompetenz, Empathie und das Engagement des Winalyse - Team hat mich sehr beeindruckt. Kurz ich habe mich stets sehr gut aufgehoben, professionell begleitet und bestens beraten gefühlt. Als Person konnte ich in kurzer Zeit viel profitieren. Sei dies im Rahmen meines neu erstellten Persönlichkeitsprofil und des daraus resultierenden, neue sehr individuell gestalteten persönlichen Marktauftritt oder ganz einfache im Rahmen der diversen Gespräche und des herausfordernden und zugleich spannenden Executive-Business-Interview - Programm. Kurz ein Gewinn auf allen Ebenen. Danke.

Kaspar, Dez. 2019

I would recommend the structured and efficient coaching of the Winalyse team to any manager wanting to assess their current career status and how aligned it is with their values, needs and personality.
Any gaps are discussed to ensure new work avenues are identified and explored, thus opening up new opportunities that may not have been seen before.

Roxane Bellière, Nov. 2019

Winalyse ist stark. Meine Teilnahme am Selbst-Branding Kurs mit Rima Badeen hat mir enorm geholfen. Durch den Kurs haben sich mein Marktwert und meine Marktpräsenz sehr gesteigert, was bei meiner zukünftigen Selbständigkeit sehr hilfreich ist.

Arthur James, Nov. 2019

When you are facing the challenge of finding a new job or a new professional direction it is important to be able to do a benchmark - me vs the current market. It is also critical to "successfully inform" the external world (recruiters, headhunters, your network etc) about your interest, strengths and value you potentially bring tot the new relationship/organization/job. Finally, it is important to have an honest discussion with yourself to understand what you really want, what you are looking for and to openly confront your "self perception" vs the perception the world might have of you. It might turn out to be an exciting "self new discovery" exercise boosting your confidence and self respect. And this is exactly what I would like to thank Yves and Rima for - for taking me on a "self discovery" journey, helping me work on "personal branding" and putting me through a challenge of an "Executive interview".

Magdalena Daccord, Sept. 2019

I recently completed a course with Yves as my coach. I am also pleased to say I also got the ‘golden ticket ‘before my last session – My ideal job!
Although I had already been on a job coaching course a few years back, with another company. I found this course helpful, as this is a one to one course, tailored to your specific needs, as opposed to a group general session. I found the course very insightful, despite not being a novice, in the job market.
I highly recommend the course and investing the time prior to and in each of the sessions, to get the greatest value.
Yves and Rima are highly experienced, professional, friendly and good listeners, thus able to offer tailored advice to your specific needs to assist you on your winning journey with ‘Winalyse’.

Angelina, Sept. 2019

Big thanks to Rima and Yves. It was great experience to go through the coaching journey to find out my own values, strengths, skills etc. comprehensively and finally worked out formally my first personal branding statement. I also got big encourage to explore new opportunities on different track. I would definitely recommend Winalyse to anyone who is willing to review and/or re-orientate himself or herself on the way forward.

Tianke, Aug. 2019

I want to thank Yves, who coached me.
With his professionalism, long experience and very friendly attitude, Yves helped me a lot. Yves knows the market very well and gave me very valuable advises on how to adapt my CV and cover letter to catch HR's attention, on how to behave and to answer during interviews, on job searching tactics and much more.
Warm regards to Yves, Rima and Daniel!

MariaH, Aug. 2019

Big thanks to Yves and Rima, it was a great journey visiting their coaching course. Positive approach, excellent technique and friendly support in the interview trainings were helpful to reset self-confidence and be successful in the search of new endeavor. I’m pleased to recommend WINALYSE to everyone who wants to land in the right job area.

Elena, Juli 2019

I recently had the opportunity to engage in a coaching course with Winalyse. I was a bit skeptical at first having been through several coaching's before. I was concerned that I would have any added value attending another coaching. My worries were unfounded. I was able to obtain a good added value for myself to help improve my marketability. The points I received from Yves have helped improve my CV, Cover letter an interview technique. I finished the coaching with the feeling that I prepared to face the next challenge of finding a new position. I would definitely recommend Winalyse to anyone looking to improve their chances of securing new employment improving their personal brand.

Sidney Brown, Juli 2019

The Interview Training coaching is truly exceptional - I had Yves as a coach, and he has provided so many suggestions and tips on how to improve the CV, Cover letter and the Interview. Best part is the video recording of the interview, and now I know how interviewers see and perceive me. Yves is truly inspiring and the coaching program gets a 13 or 14 out of 10 from me! Thanks very much Yves for all your help!

Bobby C, Apr. 2019

Ich kann das 6-wöchige Coaching-Programm bei Winalyse nur empfehlen! Rima und das ganze Team waren kompetent, professionell, aufgeschlossen, aber auch humor- und verständnisvoll. Es war eine super „Reise“ und eine gute Gelegenheit, um nicht nur an dem Bewerbungsdossier und Vorstellungsgespräch für meine Laufbahn zu arbeiten, sondern auch um mehr Vertrauen und Selbstbewusstsein für das Leben im Allgemeinen zu gewinnen. Vielen herzlichen Dank für alles!

Alice F, Apr. 2019

During the time spent in the coaching course, I had the opportunity to get some essential outcomes, that I will use during my career. I've learned more about myself, my potential. Yves was a great coach, professional and friendly. I always felt comfortable.

Alan, März 2019

El programa de coaching desarrollado por Winalyse es altamente recomendable. A principios de año me ofrecieron la posibilidad de seguirlo, y tengo que decir que antes de empezar, mi idea era que estos era que sería similar a otros q había hecho: una serie de consejos de marketing aplicable a entrevistas, adaptaciones de plantillas de curriculum que puedes encontrar en internet, y poco más. Sin embargo una vez pasadas las semanas del coaching tengo que reconocer que estaba equivocada. Los consejos que he recibido me han enseñado a hacer entrevistas sintiéndome cómoda, a ver los fallos de mi CV y mejorarlo y sobre todo a entender el concepto de valores personales aplicados altrabajo como la mejor manera de encontrar objetivos profesionales y definir un plan de carrera . Le estoy muy agradecida a Yves por todos los consejos (y las charlas con café!) que no sólo me han servido para obtener un empleo (que además me gusta!!!) si no que también me han enseñado otros aspectos a mejorar en mi vida profesional. Realmente creo que este programa merece la pena. Muchas gracias!

Angela R, März 2019

Many thanks to Yves and Rima! Very skilled, qualified and up-to-date coaches. Yves was extremely helpful with the recrafting of the cover letter, improving of my CV and sharpening my interview skills. Highly recommended!

Alessandro, Feb. 2019

Auf diesem Weg möchte ich mich ganz herzlich für das professionelle und wertvolle Coaching bei WINALYSE bedanken. Die Herren FRANCESCHI und MAURER haben nicht bloss meine Bewerbungsunterlagen "aktualisiert" bzw. mich optimal auf bevorstehende Bewerbungsgespräche vorbereitet. Sie verstanden es auch - auf humorvolle und positive Art und Weise - meinen Fokus neu auszurichten, so dass ich nunmehr mit Zuversicht und Selbstvertrauen in meine berufliche Zukunft blicke. Ich kann die Dienstleistungen von WINALYSE wärmstens empfehlen

GUIDO, Feb. 2019

Il programma di Winalyse (e la bravura del team) mi ha fatto capire i risultati più significativi della mia carriera, i valori che ho applicato, e tutte le abilità che ho sviluppato nella mia esperienza lavorativa. Così ora ho un'immagine molto migliore di me stesso ed e' facile trasmettere la mia passione e il mio entusiasmo per ciò che ho fatto in passato e per ciò che vorrei fare per il futuro. Grazie al supporto di Yves, passo dopo passo, ho capito come trovare la strada per emergere. Questo e' un traning davvero efficace ed ogni azienda dovrebbe considerarlo per migliorare le performance di ogni team.

Giuseppe, Jan. 2019

I would like to warmly thank Yves and Rima for their professionnal and friendly support on my job research. They provided me with highly accurate advice and trained me to perform a successful job interview.
Having my coaching session was thrilling, I learnt a lot about myself and can now more precisely define my goals and personal brand.
Thanks a lot, I had a very good time at Winalyse!

Naghmeh, Jan. 2019

I am totally satisfied that I had the opportunity to attend this Yves, supported by the rest of the team, has been a great coach and I particularly appreciated his authenticity, professionalism and his friendly and informal approach to the sessions. It was easy to establish a connection since the beginning, and this allowed us to go deep without any prejudices. Yves has a colorful and crisp way to draw recommendations and he never put himself on the desk of "teacher", but rather uses his energy and positivity to engage you in the topic.
I would highly recommend the course to all people that want to increase their self-awareness and apply it to their professional career, while having fun.

Giuseppe, Jan. 2019

I was unemployed and got this coaching paid by the Arbeitloskasse for 6weeks with Yves; I have to say that it was very helpful, asking yourself the right questions to find the right professional direction. Define your life goals and listening to yourself, it gave me more confidence, more power, and after few months I found a new job. Yves is very pro and have a touch of humor, speaks English/German/French, your can easily talk to him and he is making you thinking about yourself out of the box, I definitely recommend this training!

Maïlys, Jan. 2019

Dank der reichen Erfahrung, dem Fingerspitzengefühl und dem kompetenten Coaching von Yves Franceschi ist es mir gelungen, meine Kompetenzen in einem umfassenden Licht zu präsentieren und zu einer für mich passenden Stelle zu kommen. Ich kann jedem das Coaching wärmstens empfehlen, um auf den eigenen Weg zu gelangen. Herzlichen Dank für alles!

CB, Dez. 2018

Dank der reichen Erfahrung, dem Fingerspitzengefühl und dem kompetenten Coaching von Yves Franceschi ist es mir gelungen, meine Kompetenzen in einem umfassenden Licht zu präsentieren und zu einer für mich passenden Stelle zu kommen. Ich kann jedem das Coaching wärmstens empfehlen, um auf den eigenen Weg zu gelangen. Herzlichen Dank für alles!

CB, Dez. 2018

I would highly recommend attending a coaching program at Winalyse. I completed a 6 week coaching program with Yves Franceschi. Yves is a fantastic coach, providing his professional expertise and experience, encouragement, humour and input throughout. He guided me though this challenging but rewarding process tailored for my specific needs, helping me analyse and understand my professional abilities and develop future goals. I improved my CV and interview skills, using the most up to date methods. Helpful and interesting supporting documentation was provided a part of the program. I feel a lot more confident about my career options. A great experience. Thanks for all your support Yves and the Winalyse team!

Karen Willis, Okt. 2018

No tengo palabras para agradecer la labor, profesionalidad y humanidad de este GRAN EQUIPO.
Ha sido un tiempo impagable con momentos plenos de emociones, agradables sensaciones, valorable humor, total empatía y espontaneidad a raudales.

BRAVO y GRACIAS Rima Badeen, Daniel Maurer y especialmente a mi coach Yves Franceschi.

Ahora soy Directora de mi Orquesta. Tengo la batuta. ¡ Que no pare la música !

Raquel Guerrero, Okt. 2018

Winalyse team are professionals that was pleasure to work with.
Great challenging partners for personal development and initiation of self learning process.
Highly recommended, worth time and efforts !

Thank you, Rima Badeen and Yves Franceschi for support and unforgettable experience !!

Taras Sushko, Sept. 2018

J'ai eu la chance et le plaisir d'avoir des sessions personnelles de coaching avec M. Yves Franceschi. Yves est un excellent coach qui fait preuve d'un très grand professionnalisme, il était toujours à l'écoute de mes besoins, interrogations et prêt à me guider dans mes démarches de candidature, le tout dans une atmosphère plus que conviviale.
Yves est très motivant et encourageant, il a été d'un grand support pour m'aider à prendre conscience de certains de mes atouts;et je sais à présent comment les mettre en avant lors de la rédaction d'un CV, d'une lettre de motivation ou lors d'une interview. De la même manière, j'ai aussi beaucoup appris sur la manière de composer un dossier de candidature idéal. J'ai à présent tous les outils pour affronter le marché de l'emploi avec succès.
Ce coaching a été très bénéfique personnellement, il m'a donné plus d'assurance et de confiance en soi, et je suis sûre qu'il sera tout autant bénéfique pour ma prospection d'emploi et pour ma carrière professionnelle en général.
Je remercie chaleurement les coachs de Winalyse et Yves plus particulièrement pour leur aide!

Sonia Lebboukh, Sept. 2018

I would like to take the time to thank Winalyse Group, especially Mr. Yves Franceschi for his coaching and partnership we have shared over past two months. Working with Yves was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. Due to his individualized approach I have not only improved my employability but increased my self-confidence as well. Yves is a fantastic coach and is committed to helping you achieve goals you set for yourself. I am beyond thrilled with the results that Yves has helped me to achieve at the current stage of my professional career. I know I would not be where I am at today without his guidance, patience, support and absolutely great sense of humor. I would be happy to recommend Yves and the group to everyone. Again, thanks for all you have done!

Magdalena Pirozek-Lawniczek, Aug. 2018

I attended six-day program (course), with Yves Franceshi. Yves is very experienced, humble, dynamic and motivational coach. He identified flaws within my application documents and processes. Thanks to Yves valuable input and extra encouragement I am back on track in securing my next work challenge. I highly recommend the use of Winalyse services.

Milen Parvanov, Juli 2018

Ein super Team. Frau Rima Badeen hat mich sehr motiviert, auch nach 100 Bewerbungsabsagen nicht aufzugeben. Anspornend, professionell, kommunikativ, aufbauend. Kann ich auch als über 50-jähriger Stellensuchender mit Uniabschluss und sehr grosser Berufserfahrung sehr empfehlen. Felix Meier

Felix Meier, Juli 2018

Ich hatte das Vergnügen, mit Herrn Franceschi und später auch mit Herrn Maurer zusammenzuarbeiten und kann diesen Workshop nur wärmstens empfehlen. Neben dem Herausarbeiten der eigenen Stärken und Schwächen hebe ich ebenfalls gerne die entspannte Atmosphäre hervor, die dem Fortschritt sehr dienlich ist. Des weiteren ist gerade im Zuge des internationalen Milieus unerlässlich, den Arbeitsmarkt mehrsprachig abzudecken, was winalyse selbstredend bietet. Zwecks nachhaltiger Selbstoptimierung erscheint ein wiederholtes Treffen in loser Folge sinnvoll. Meinen aufrichtigen Dank!

Kim D, Juni 2018

I was lucky to be assigned to attend a six day program with Mr. Franceschi. It was an extremely positive experience, because thanks to the professional coaching I received, I could really find out all my professional potential after developing my personal branding and I feel much more confident of my capabilities and future professional possibilities. Additionally it was a great opportunity to shape up my CV according to the latest trends and to improve my interviewing skills. All in all it was a great experience from which I have learnt a lot. I highly recommend this program to people that want a more fulfilling professional life.

Marcela Rendón, Juni 2018

I completed a 6-week coaching program with Rima, and I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking professional growth. I highly value her guidance as she kept me focused and held me to my goals. She had lots of tools for me to use to better myself personally and professionally. She is very organized and disciplined and has a positive, encouraging attitude. Thank you for this opportunity from Winalyse. Best, Adriana

A.K., Juni 2018

I came to Winalyse for a 6 weeks course with the goal to improve my CV, profile and interview skills. Following Mr. Franceschi’s guidance; I managed the initial goals and more. Now I have a documented understanding of my profile and a long-term plan to achieve a productive and sustainable career. Thank you for your guidance!

Juan Herrera, März 2018

I had a 6 week coaching program at winalyse with Yves Franceschi.
Time flew by as we discussed my career path and my self-evaluation process, and step by step I "found" my Personal Branding.
With his insight of the recruitment process and with winalyse's support documentation I improved my CV and interview skills. And I also feel much more confident and ready to the next challenge in my career!

Clara Fiuza, Feb. 2018

I completed a six day program at Winalyse with Yves Franceschi and my expectations were absolutely surpassed. In just a short amount of time, Yves personable, direct and knowledgable persona guided me through a better understanding of myself on a personal and professional level. The program seemed effortless and tailored specifically to my needs and goals whilst still covering the general tasks and information that are part of the coaching package. I started in a situation where I was unsure of how to market myself with substance and which direction I should lead myself to. I left with confidence in knowing who I am on a personal and professional level and being able to effectively communicate that in whichever situation I find myself in. Challenging, fun, testing and extremely interesting, I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a greater insight into themselves and their potential.

Adele Bottoni, Jan. 2018

Just completed my coaching programm with Rima and Franceschini. I made a huge progress in relation to my professional image. Learning to recognize your strenghs and how to 'sell' them accordindly gave me self confidence and empowered me. All my thanks to Winalyse for the support.

E.M., Jan. 2018