About us

Our competencies

winalyse is an independent coaching company based in Binningen near Basel. We offer coaching, consulting and training for executives, employees, job hunters, personnel service providers and businesses. Our goal is to provide support for people and organisations coping with challenging situations in a working environment.

Drawing on decades of expertise in coaching and consulting, we pool the skills, experience and training we have acquired in the fields of coaching, psychology, leadership, communication and cultural diversity. You can benefit from our long-standing and energetic collaboration:

  • We are independent and unbiased and, as an external party,
    we will give you a wider perspective.
  • We are attentive to and appreciative of people and their situations,
    and we prefer to work in partnership.
  • We see ourselves as enthusiastic pearl finders, innovative trouble solvers,
    empathetic plain speakers and careful coach drivers.
  • We speak German, English, French and Italian and have experience of
    cross-cultural and transcultural interaction. 

The words win and analyse are merged to form the name of our company, winalyse.  Our many years of experience have taught us that analysis (vocational and personal assessment etc.) can give rise to an understanding of situations and life circumstances from which measures can be developed and implemented in order to find solutions and improve situations. The process ends with a win for our customers.

Our position

We specialise in the process, not in the content. You yourself are the specialist. You know your own content better than anyone else. Our experience enables us to support you in the process of finding solutions and improving your situation. Our goal is to increase self-competence. Our coaching programmes are therefore designed to give you as much support as necessary but also as little as possible.

We live by the principles of market and customer focus. We are happy to go the extra mile if it will be of additional benefit to you. In exactly the same way, we also hold to our positive view of humanity and our respect for the uniqueness of each and every human being.

Our Team

Your temporary sparring partner as you move forward. What you can expect? Open and honest feedback, a critical view and a constructive mind.

Daniel Maurer
Coach / Consultant

+41 61 423 07 07

Exploring possibilities.
Shaping your future.
Authentic and effective.

Yves Franceschi
Coach / Consultant

+41 61 423 07 09

«I followed this path, I followed that path, and then I followed my path.» (Chinese Proverb)

My passion is people, with their culture, experience and knowledge. I coach you in your time of change and guide you to find your own path with empathy, openness and a sense of humor.

Christine Brown
Coach / Consultant

Development accompanies us over our entire life span. Where can we influence the direction in which we develop and where we are focused? In all aspects of my work I see relationships, as the important factor that contributes to development.

Maria Lumsden Rieder

«If it ain't broke, don't fix it.»
(Steve de Shazer)

Marlies Degen
Coach / Consultant

+41 61 423 07 07