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For organisations and individuals


Coaching, development and sparring for executives

Leadership roles challenge us on many levels. How do I handle my new role? What are my responsibilities, what is expected of me? How do I address sensitive issues with employees? How can I apply my understanding of leadership in a corporate context in an authentic manner?

Even experienced executives seek fresh vision and a counterpart to help them reflect on their problems. Common issues in this regard tend to include dealing with organisational change and formulating a personal positioning strategy. We will work through issues with executive personnel either individually or in a group setting, depending on requirements.


Individual coaching in career changes

It's time for something new - but how can I tell what it is? Expectations of behaviour are different - what should I do? My job will change - how will I cope with the pressure? I’m on the lookout for new career opportunities - how do I go about this effectively? We will advise and accompany you during the process of career change. The scope and duration will depend on your individual requirements.


Vocational and personal assessment and (re-)orientation

Where am I and where do I want to be in my (career) life? We will look at your skills, resources and mindset. We will analyse your career to date and develop a new vision that takes account of your context. Assessments are very personal and individual. Experience shows that they can take between five and ten sessions. This service is available to anyone, whatever their circumstances or professional situation.


Team development / Team building

How can our team be improved and developed? Do you need support in order to build a new team, for example a cross-cultural one? We can provide support in developing team culture, dealing with conflict and setting up new organisational units. We also provide workshops for teams on behalf of businesses and institutions, along with one-to-one talks if required.



We accept mandates from companies to provide advice and assistance for employees who have been laid off. The aim is to open up new career prospects. We help employees to come to terms with the lay-off, disengage from their previous working environment, identify their resources and embrace a fresh perspective. This process may last until they start a new job in a new location, and even beyond.



Starting work with a new employer can be a delicate situation. What sort of informal organisational culture is in place? Do I wash my own coffee cup or am I expected to leave it there? Your last change of job may have been a bad experience for you, so you would like to take a different approach in your new job. By working together, we can ensure that you are well prepared for a good start. The aim is to help you settle into your new working environment quickly so that you have a positive impact straightaway and enjoy real success. The length of the coaching programme is based on individual requirements.


Occupational social counselling

We have the expertise to act as an external partner to any companies wishing to offer their employees an in-house counselling service. Our range of counselling services covers professional and personal matters as well as any issues that may have an adverse impact on staff performance. Examples of common issues are team conflict, conflict with supervisors, health and family problems, finance and addiction.


Communication training

How can I communicate things that are difficult? How do I present a convincing argument? Authentic and effective communication is the key to successful (managerial) work. We will provide the individual support you need in order to develop and improve your communication skills.


Retirement preparation workshops

It is worth thinking about your retirement ahead of time. We offer multi-stage workshops with concrete information, individual reflection and lively exchanges. Important topics are addressed, including social insurance matters and detachment from previous roles as well as new perspectives and challenges. There will be opportunity to bring your life partner along.

For RAV / Expats Program


We also offer services tailored to expats

Expats are faced with a particularly challenging situation when changing jobs. They tend to be highly skilled workers, but they need specific assistance with job hunting as they are less familiar with Swiss idiosyncrasies and standards. What makes the Swiss "tick"? How does the labour market work? How do I go about networking here? What cultural codes do I need to be aware of? What standards do my application papers need to comply with? What happens at a job interview? Our proficiency in multiple languages and our cross-cultural competence equip us to cater specifically for expats.


Business & job coaching

We will support and accompany you through the application process. We will analyse your work history and your skills together, using this to formulate positioning strategies. We will advise you on the best way to optimise your application file and your social media presence - on LinkedIn, for example - and draw up a targeted job-search strategy, practise interview situations and help you to develop your own "personal brand". We will also talk about informal practices and cultural conventions in the Swiss application process. The Regional Employment Centre (Regionales Arbeitsvermittlungszentrum - RAV) will advise you on claiming unemployment benefits. Talk to your RAV advisor about this service. This intensive coaching programme comprises six sessions in six weeks.


Vocational and personal assessment and (re-)orientation

Where am I and where do I want to be? We will look at your skills, resources and position together. We will analyse your career to date and formulate a new vision that takes account of your environment. Decisions on location are highly personal. Experience shows that they can take between five and ten sessions. This service is available to anyone, whatever their circumstances or professional situation.


Personal branding

We are often completely unaware of our unique professional qualities. We use the process of personal branding to carve out your unique, individual profile so that you stand out in a targeted job search. What makes me stand out? How can I bring added value? This will help you to increase your self-awareness and reveal your true personality.


Interview training with video recording

How does the job interview work? We make sure that you are optimally prepared for the interview situation. We discuss how you can show your true self, for example, make sure your statements are consistent - especially when it comes to "delicate" subjects such as reasons for giving notice or changing jobs - and look at non-verbal communication such as voice control and body language. We practise interview techniques, paying close attention to content and its effect. We make video recordings during this two-hour module and analyse them together.